Peer review policy

All manuscripts are considered to be confidential and are reviewed by at least two members of the Editorial Board, or qualified ad hoc reviewers. The journal uses a single-blind peer review process (the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers). When a manuscript is submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, it is given a manuscript number and is assigned to one of the Editors. Each reviewer makes a specific recommendation to the Editor for the manuscript, based on the following aspects that are applicable: importance of the research, originality and novelty of the work, appropriateness of the approach and experimental design, soundness of conclusions and interpretations, relevance of discussion, clarity of presentation, organization of the article, and demonstration of reproducibility. Before reviewing, all submitted manuscripts are inspected by Similarity Check powered by iThenticate (, a plagiarism-screening tool. The corresponding author is notified, an average of four weeks after submission, of the Editor’s decision to accept, reject, or require revision. When a manuscript is returned to the corresponding author for revision, it should be returned to the Editor within three months; otherwise, it may be considered withdrawn.